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We all live in a microbial world :D

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Pokemon Commissions from today! These were SO MUCH FUN. I think I’ll be charging $10 next time though. It’s more fun to do slightly more elaborate drawings and I think people appreciate them more. :) I couldn’t pick a favorite from these if I tried.

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Milky Way above Atacama Salt Lagoon

Galaxies, stars, and a serene reflecting pool combine to create this memorable land and skyscape.

Image Credit & Copyright: Alex Tudorica (AIfA, U. Bonn)

The featured panorama is a 12-image mosaic taken last month from the Salar de Atacama salt flat in northern Chile. The calm water is Laguna Cejar, a salty lagoon featuring a large central sinkhole. On the image left, the astrophotographer’s fiancee is seen capturing the same photogenic scene.

The night sky is lit up with countless stars, the Large and Small Magellanic Cloud galaxies on the left, and the band of our Milky Way galaxy running diagonally up the right. The Milky Way may appear to be causing havoc at the horizon, but those are just the normal lights of a nearby town.

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Sunset behind Cinderella Castle by Brett Svenson, on Flickr

Awesome photo!



Sunset behind Cinderella Castle by Brett Svenson, on Flickr

Awesome photo!

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"Neil deGrasse Tyson" - Illustration by samspratt

Finally got around to wrapping up this portrait of everyone’s favorite astrophysicist. With his huge impact on new generations of aspiring scientists, I knew I wanted the background to be children’s space drawings. With my 6 year-old niece’s planetary masterpieces as inspiration, I did my best imitation with my left hand. (prints available here)


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Please be entertained by this fish scaring this dog.


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파리바게뜨 / fb

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